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Weigh Down Workshop

The Weigh Down Workshop is a Biblically based and often controversial weight loss program. The Weigh Down Workshop is based on principles of learning cues from your body to determine whether you are really hungry or if there is some other reason you have a desire to eat.

Weigh Down Workshop is much different from other really popular weight loss programs of today. For instance, programs such as the Atkins diet have strict guidelines on the consumption of carbohydrates. Weight Watchers, another very popular and successful diet program, relies on the ability of the user to count points for every food they consume. Other programs require a strict exercise routine and/or the use of diet pills. Weigh Down Workshop is more of a self-paced and self-regulated program that does not require diets, exercise, pills or counting calories or food intake.

The Weigh Down Workshop has come under scrutiny from various groups of religious zealots. Some groups believe that the founder, Gwen Shamblin, is a false teacher of Bible principles. One of the major arguments against the founder's teachings is that she does not accept the ideology of the Holy Trinity. She, rather, believes that Jesus is/was subservient to God. Opponents of the Weigh Down Workshop also say that her teachings are more closely likened to Mormonism than traditional Christian teachings. She, and the program, are constantly under fire from evangelical preachers and clergy.

Despite the controversy surrounding the Weigh Down Workshop, many students of the program continue to praise the success. Many people who have undergone the teachings and applied the principles of the Weigh Down Workshop have lost and maintained weight and control over their bodies. For these people, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. They have lost weight and will likely continue to refer friends and family to the Weigh Down Workshop.

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